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Session list
  • Software Architect Summit
    Software Architect Summit is designed to engage outstanding software architects all around the world. The main topics include high availability architecture, micro service architecture, the latest architecture languages, etc. We will demonstrate the state-of-art in software architecture and discuss the evolution of enterprise architecture. Practicability is the key point of this summit.
    Session chair: Zupeng Cao
  • Architecture of High Capacity E-Commerce
    As an E-Commerce firm, how can you provide the immerse user experience to the customers for huge numbers of transactions which involve extreme high workload and parallel processing? How to coordinate the front-end and back-end systems and assure the security and reliability of critical transactions? For software architects, what strategies can be applied to build a system capable of adapting the frequent changes of requirements and market.
    Session Chair: Chen Zhou
  • Full-stack Mobile Development
    With the rapid development of mobile application and front-end technology, it is harder and harder to gain high mobile traffic growth, leading to an increasing marketing cost for mobile apps. How to effectively select the software architecture to improve the efficiency of software development has become an extremely important task for software development teams.
    Session chair: Haitao Tang, Liangliang Wang
  • Google Community Forum
    Google has tremendous resources for the hottest fields, such as mobile, front-end, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Virtual Reality (VR). In the forum, we will discuss topics like how to use Android, Dream Day and Tensor Flow to help us build a better product.
    Session Chair: Fuxi Chu
  • R & D Coaches
    Human resource has a great impact on the development of software. Motivating individuals and teams needs systematic approaches. Development coaches are very important for enpowering organizations and individuals. They are not only the pioneers but also the explorers. They are talent equipped with global view and professional skills.
    Session Chair: Weifeng Xu, Zefeng Jin
  • Artificial Intelligence
    By claiming the crown of Go via winning Lee Sedol and getting 60-win streak against world top Go players, AlphaGo unleashes a new wave of world-wide research of applications of AI in various industries, such as autopilot, surveillance, and voice recognition.
    Session Chair: Yuguo Li
  • Big-Data
    With the development of information technology and Internet, big data related techniques have been applied to many different areas. For a deep study and discussion of big data techniques, NJSD will provide an excellent platform for researchers and practitioners.
    Session Chair: Yinran Wang
  • Cloud Computing
    Cloud computing, one of the hottest topics in the industry, has a market valued over hundreds of billons including Public cloud, private cloud, iass, paas, etc. This session will investigate how to choose the appropriate cloud platform for your needs, and the lessons learned from the real-world cloud computing projects.
    Session Chair: Guozhu Yu
  • Engineering Productivity & Quality
    DevOps has become one of the hottest words nowadays with more and more attentions from researchers and practitioners. Both newly founded startups and traditional companies are discussing DevOps. Although there is no “official” definition, obviously, the impact DevOps made has exceeded the simple combination of Dev and Ops.
    Session Chair: Guoping Rong
  • Internet Security
    This session will cover the techniques and practices of assuring the information security of tremendous amount of data for large corporations running cloud computing, IoT, Big data and mobile business.
    Session Chair: Qiang Qiao, Bin Hu
  • Team Management and Organization Development
    Industries make the first industrial revolution and companies make the second. What kind of organization makes the greatest evolution? The super individual, flat network, self-organization demonstrated many “weird” successes. What is the reason behind this? Let’s reveal the answer together.
    Session Chair: Yong Huang
  • Product Management & Operations
    To successfully creat a product from having 0 user to first 10 users, and then from 10 users to hundreds of users and eventually to millions of users, challenges vary a lot that require different strategies in order to management appropriately. This session will reveal the secrets of product management and operations, such as how to get seed users, how to increase the number of users, etc. It will provide you useful tools and insights to build, manage and sustain a successful product.
    Session Chair: Fei Liu

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  • Nanjing International Expo Convention Center
  • No. 6 Bailongjiangxi Street, Jianye District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
  • You can take No.4 Subway → Yuantong Station → Gate 4

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