I believe we all feel that this is a time of dramatic change!Technology is making rapid progress and business conditions are changing.Under such a large environment, all industry forms, all organizational entities, and any individuals and individuals will face the various needs or problems of cognitive upgrading, mode transformation, and capacity enhancement.

"Dramatic era, full empowerment",The theme of the activities of the 2018 Global Technology Week and the 4th Nanjing (Global) Software Conference, We will follow the latest trends in global software technology, the pace of development of the latest technologies, the best practices and ideas in the polymerization industry, taking into account the "soft capabilities" of organizational innovation and management, and "hard technologies" in software and technology.A full-fledged feast for companies and individuals!

5.19-23th @China. Nanjing International Expo Conference Center


Internet Innovation Capability Conference
May 19

Global Software and Technology Conference
May 20-21

Training and Evening Humanistic Salon
May 22 daytime, May 20-23 night

Internet Innovation Capability Conference

Global Software and Technology Conference

Global Technology Week Technology Cocktail Party

In-depth Training Workshop

Evening Humanistic Salon

Internet Innovation Capability Conference

Date:May 19
Venue:Nanjing International Exhibition Conference Center

Date:May 19     Venue:Nanjing International Exhibition Conference Center

Innovative Thinking Breakthrough Forum

The key to innovation lies in cognitive breakthroughs. There are many “advanced thinking” that can be used in the Internet industry, such as engineer thinking, first principle, dimensionality reduction attacks, and biological evolutionary metaphors and so on.

Product Requirements Insight Forum

How to excavate the user demand of the 2B business, and the product insights of AI empowerment taking car driving for the scene. Also, google's cool Workshop-Design Sprint.

Activate Team and Organization Empowerment Forum

The team’s sustained combat effectiveness and execution, the team’s stability, effective communication and collaboration, overall innovation capabilities and so on are issues that the team leader or the company’s founder must always face.

Industry Innovation Application Forum

Trend bonuses such as new technology revolutions, consumption upgrade, and industrial Internet are accelerating industry innovation, and new types of Intelligence plus, Internet plus new species represented by new retail and unmanned shelves are emerging.

Technical Entrepreneurship and Project Investment and Financing Forum

The vision of investors is always unique, and the founder of successful financing must have his own experience and feelings. In the field of science and technology, capital is the foundation for promoting industrial development and breakthroughs in innovation and it is indispensable.

Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise Session

Xiaomi is a miracle in the history of business. Within a few years, Xiaomi’s ecological chain enterprises have occupied half of the Internet, and the products of the Xiaomi are gradually infiltrating our lives.

Global Software and Technology Conference

Date:May 20-21     Venue:Nanjing International Exhibition Conference Center

Date:May 20-21
Venue:Nanjing International Exhibition Conference Center

Theme Forum: The Era of Empowerment

The latest interpretations of the times, the insights of technology trends, the exploration of industrial dividends, and the empowerment from the masters and elites endow the future with various possibilities.

Internet Technology Architecture Forum

Including the latest evolution of technology architecture and the computing foundation of the era of intelligence. There is an evangelist good at service mesh and a domain-driven microservice architect.

The Key Technology of Big Data Application Forum

Key technology considerations when building big data platforms. HDFS Multi-cluster unified entrance implementation based on Alluxio. Big data practice cases in banking, telecommunications and other industries.

Front-end Technical Practice forum

Sharing lecturer's experience and pits they faced in the front-end architecture field of middle and background systems. Engineering practice of Node.js project and other by-products such as performance monitoring, SOA processing, etc.

Team Development Mode Transformation Forum

High-frequency market delivery forced team development model must have good flexibility and efficiency. The penetration of agile concepts, the matching of architectures, and the digital transformation of the delivery chain are all urgently needed.

DevOps and Intelligent Operation Forum

DevOps has already reached the consensus on value in the industry. Continuous delivery and lean exploration in business will become our basic capabilities. Meanwhile, operation with AI is also an important scene for the current AI landing.

Theme Forum: Smart Landing

Speech centering on how AI lands, the essential factors and endowment required, appropriate application scenarios, reference cases, etc.

Business Intelligence Case Forum

Enterprise businesses integrate intelligent technologies, excavate more customers' value, highlight the philosophy of technology-driven business, brings together industry pioneers' practice cases, and get inspiration across the field boundaries.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Practice Forum

Actual experience of AI text detection and character recognition in the application scenarios such as bills and certificate. Analysising and processing on images and videos. Intelligent semantic search practice based on knowledge mapping technology.

Enterprise AI Capability Open Forum

Enterprise AI platform capabilities, open technologies, open source projects, developer community, technology ecological construction, etc.

Intelligent Things Forum

With the advent of 5G, the penetration of Internet technologies, the rise of AI, and the emergence of intelligent hardware, smart home appliances, smart travel, security, and new retail industries have begun to flourish.

Mobile Innovation Forum

The mobile terminal is still the mainstream of consumer product technology innovation. Mobile AI smart mobile phone practice. Strengthening the use of the reality technology. Light application, direct service and other technical innovations.

Blockchain Innovation Summit Forum

The blockchain is a both hot and cold world: on one hand is the 'bubble theory' with extremely scared and jittery, and on the other hand is the theory of technological revolution that upside down the industry. But in any case, the technology will always improve, and these forces come from the foresight of the technology.

Automatic Driving Technology Summit Forum

Self-driving cars rely on AI, visual computing, radar, and global positioning systems to collaborate together so that the computer can automatically and safely operate the vehicle without any human operation. With the release of the first five temporary numbers for autonomous vehicles in Beijing recently, it also marks that autonomous vehicles can officially begin testing.

Training and Evening Humanistic Salon

Date:May 22 daytime, May 20-23 night     Venue:Yuhua living room, etc

Date:May 22 daytime, May 20-23 night
Venue:Yuhua living room, etc

Blockchain Technology In-depth Training

Deliberating on decentralization, efficiency, scenarios, and semantic extensions to explore blockchain technology methods, examples, and development analysis, and understand the nature, limitations, and trends of blockchain technology.  (>>Learn More)

VIP Technology Exchange Cocktail Party

Closely communicating with technology guests, exchanging experiences with friends in the field, talking about the future, making progress together with wine, food, and ideological collision.

Improvisational Drama Co-created Workshop

As a form of stage performance without script, improvisation drama plays an actor in a circumstance full of uncertainty, allowing he to play with creativity. When the actors support each other, everyone's ideas can become the cornerstone of innovation.

Technological Backbones' Career Planning Lecture

As the leader or expert, the technical backbones may have become more and more prosperous in terms of professional achievements, but the development is endless and the competitive pressure is still great. How to take the next step is even more challenging. Perhaps the next step is big development. Maybe the next step is a big hole, but we may not afford to lose too much. How does a career expert say...




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